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About Innovative Wellness

​The vision for Innovative Wellness Inc. ANC is to offer a holistic, multi-disciplinary, integrative approach of care to empower women and men, offering choices, options, and resources to enhance quality of life. Innovative Wellness is passionate about bringing freedom and dignity to women and men who suffer from pelvic and sexual dysfunction, and other disease processes. Through innovative and holistic options, our goal is to help optimize success of patient’s health care needs.


Innovative Wellness has encompassed a full spectrum of services collaborated with Providers who specialize in expertise to provide commitment, empowerment, options, resources, and education to optimize outcomes for pelvic and sexual wellness for men and women.

Innovative Wellness’s holistic, integrative approach addresses all aspects of care. Medical services include traditional and scientific breakthrough of future medicine for uro- gynecology, bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, pelvic and sexual medicine, and lifestyle wellness—all utilizing a functional medicine approach that addresses the root cause, and not just the symptoms.

We go to great lengths to offer that right mix of advanced, up-to-date minimally invasive care in a warm, and friendly environment.

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Rachael Cabreira

Innovative Wellness

  2255 Ygnacio Valley Road, Walnut Creek, CA, USA